Silk Red Pillow Case And Love Sleeping Mask

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House of Silk 100% Silk Red Color Pillow Case and Sleeping Mask Black Biye Detailed

100% silk
Black Sateen Detail Detail
One Classic Size Pillow Case (50x70 cm)
Love black embroidery sleep mask
Large size that closes the whole eye
Thanks to the tire at the rear, it stands easily on the eye and has an extra soft texture
It is fully hypoallergenic.
In the morning, your skin took air and wake up moist!
It helps to control the moisture ratio all night around the eyelashes and eyes.
This product is carefully packaged and delivered in onionskin paper wrapped, House of Silk boxes.


Why should we sleep with a 100% silk pillow case and sleeping mask ?

-In the pillow case does not wear your skin with its soft and smooth surface. It maintains moisture balance by not drying your skin. -The protein in the structure of silk fabric does not cause an allergic condition as it does not contain the protein, dust and mold. Silk fabric is completely natural and anti-allergenic. -In wake up with parlak and non -swollen hair! -The soft and skin -free surface of the pillow cases prevents the face lines formed at night. It has an anti -wrinkle effect in the long run by reducing friction on your skin all night.


Washing instructions: Cold washing or dry cleaning with hand silk shampoo should be done. Dry and iron at the lowest temperature by the opposite of the product. If you have any questions, you can send us an e -mail.

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This product is carefully packaged in House of Silk boxes, wrapped in protective film before delivery

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